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Do I Need to Replace My Sump Pump?

Sump pumps need to be replaced every 7-10 years, even if they are quality pumps installed professionally. If you’re not entirely sure what a sump pump is, it’s located in a basin on your basement floor. Your sump pump’s job is to collect excess water from drains and redirect it away from your house. Needless to say, the sump pump and its function are pivotal to your home plumbing, keeping your foundation and basement clear of water and water damage. While the first warning sign that it’s time to replace your sump pump may be water on your basement floor, there are other ways to tell that it’s time to have your sump pump inspected and possibly replaced.

Overhead view of a sump pump

Is your sump pump making strange noises?

Weird sounds coming from your pump may indicate damaged or worn parts. If there’s an excessive motor noise, the motor may have a failed bearing. If you’re hearing rattling noises or grinding noises from your sump pump, there may be a damaged or jammed up impeller—the impeller being the fan that pulls water into the pump. Remember, if your sump pump is making noises it didn’t make before, something has changed and it’s time to have it looked at.

Sump pump vibrating excessively while running

If your sump pump is excessively vibrating, it’s another sign that the impeller could be damaged. When damaged, the impeller will cause the sump pump to visibly vibrate and wobble. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace your sump pump as it’s just about impossible to properly fix an impeller.

Is your sump pump running irregularly?

If your sump pump is cycling on and off frequently or irregularly, there’s most likely something wrong with it. It could be a simple fix, such as an incorrectly adjusted float switch that causes the pump to switch on when only a few inches of water have accumulated in the basin. Unfortunately, it could also be a wiring malfunction, or a short in the electrical system, which are more serious issues. Either way, you’ll want to consider urgent action if your sump pump is not functioning regularly because of just how important it is to your home.

Motor failure or stuck motor

If your sump pump’s motor gets stuck once in a while, or fails altogether, it may be time for a replacement. You can use a filter to prevent sediment and other debris from affecting the motor, thereby extending the life of your sump pump, but you will have to clean and replace the filter periodically. For motor failure, there could be more serious issues like internal wiring problems or other electrical problems. If the unit is getting electrical power but still not working properly, the issue is likely within the unit itself. Make sure you check your fuses and breakers and double check that everything is snugly plugged in before checking the unit itself.

How old is your sump pump?

If your sump pump is seven years or older, regardless of maintenance and cleaning, you should go ahead and replace it. The good news is that sumps pumps are pretty affordable for an item that will last 7-10 years, usually averaging around $200. Compared to other items your home needs, we think that’s pretty good!


Other issues to look into that may indicate replacement time for your sump pump include visible rust, frequent power outages, running for a long time or all the time, and even infrequent pump usage. If you’re concerned that it’s time to replace your sump pump but you’re not quite confident, feel free to reach out to the We Love Plumbing team for some professional plumbing assistance.