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How to Maintain Your Cleaning Appliances

Ah, washing machines and dishwashers – they do so much for us! They are a huge convenience in our households, and some of them (looking at you, Samsung) even sing to us when they’re done their job!  

The truth is, even though these appliances are made to make our lives easier, they all require some level of maintenance to keep them operating in tip-top shape. Follow our tips below for and you’ll keep them running perfectly for many years to come! 


Did you know that you’re supposed to clean your washing machine every 6 weeks? Don’t worry if you didn’t  – neither do a lot of people! Many homeowners operate under the assumption that the washing machine is self-cleaning, which, to be fair, makes sense. After all, you run soapy water through it frequently, and it even rinses and drains itself!  

Washing machines are not all built equal, but what they mostly have in common is that they should be drained and cleaned every six weeks. By searching “[your brand] washer clean drain pump”, you’ll find out the best way to keep your washing machine sparkling clean! We won’t lie – this can be a somewhat smelly task. But getting rid of standing, dirty water and potentially even mold and mildew is going to be great for your household, and your clothes!  


Let’s face it: dishwashers do a downright dirty job. As we just mentioned regarding washing machines, dishwashers are sadly not self-cleaning! We recommend cleaning your dishwasher well once per month or every four weeks. You can use your own discretion on this one depending on how often you’re using your dishwasher, but every four weeks will keep things fresh and well-maintained. The potential problems you may face if you’re not cleaning your dishwasher on a semi-regular basis include a decline in effectiveness when cleaning your dishes, or worse, risk of damage to the filter and pump – which can result in costly repairs.  

Dishwasher maintenance isn’t just a monthly task – you should try to remove bits of lingering organic matter after each dishwashing cycle, and frequently pull out the bottom rack to check for any leftover food bits in the well. Remove these to keep your dishwasher fresh and odour-free.  

The deep clean of the appliance is your monthly task. A popular DIY cleaning method is placing a measuring cup with two cups of white vinegar on the top rack, then running a normal cycle without dishes or dish soap. You also have the option of dishwasher cleaning tablets, which will give you a more thorough clean. Be sure to research whether your dishwasher can run cleaning tablets during the general dish-cleaning cycle.  


Hopefully you’re feeling confident about keeping your cleaning appliances well-maintained! For major issues related to your cleaning appliances, or anything else that’s plumbing related, reach out to We Love Plumbing – we’re here for you.