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How to Save Money on Plumbing Costs

Home repairs can be very costly, especially when minor damages that usually go unnoticed evolve into a plumbing emergency. This is why We Love Plumbing always recommends that homeowners stay up to date with their homemaintain their fixtures and appliances (including heating appliances), and take immediate action when they find leaking pipes, faucets, toilets, etc. The best practices to avoid a plumbing nightmare are to complete repairs when new problems seem minuscule and to take preventative steps that will help you avoid damage in the first place.  

Here are a few of our low cost, low effort suggestions that will help keep your home in good shape, and your plumbing budget in check: 

Update Old Faucets:

Replacing faucets is a budgetfriendly change that most homeowners can complete on their own (or with a few tips from the Internet). Not only will brand-new faucet spruce up the look of your kitchen or bathroom, it will also solve or prevent faucet leaks altogether. Dripping faucets can wreak havoc on your water bill, so paying a one-time fee for a new faucet will solve that issue. If you’d rather keep your current faucet, check out our previous blog post where we break down the steps to fixing a leaking faucet.

faucet with water running

Inspect Your Toilet:

Heres what you should be looking for the next time you visit the bathroom: 

  • Does your toilet flush correctly? 
  • Do the tank and bowl refill quickly? Should only take no more than 3 minutes. 
  • Does it have its own shutoff valve? 
  • Make sure there are no cracks or damages on the interior or exterior of the toilet. 

If you answered “yes” to all of thabove, your toilet is in great shape. However, if you said “no”, do consider calling your local plumber to come and repair or replace your toilet.  

Upgrade Your Water Heater:

Your electric water heater’s life expectancy is 8 to 12 years. It varies by location, the unit itself, the installation process, and how well its maintenance upkeep has been throughout the years. However, if your water heater has not been replaced in over 12 years, it is highly recommended to upgrade itNew technology has allowed more efficient water heaters to gain popularity over the years. Tankless water heaters are efficient – with twice the life expectancy of an electric unit – and will cut your energy costs, saving you a ton of money over time for the next 20+ years.

Check Your Water Meter:

Your water meter measures the volume of water delivered to your home. There are several reasons why it’s helpful to locate and read your water meter. The meter is often located ithe basement, but depending on where you live, it could also be outside near the curb in front of your home. Once youve located your water meter and you’re curious to know how much water is used in a day in your household, check the meter in the morning and at night. The more important reason is to check for leaks! Turn off all the water taps in your home and if your water meter is still running, there may be a leak. Be sure to contact your water utility company before attempting any repairs to your water supply pipe.

water meter with chairs in the background

Learn Which Fixes You Can Make Yourself:

There‘s a plethora of information and videos available online for easy plumbing repairs you can complete around the house. The best part about this is that all this knowledge is free, while the downside may be that the cost of this do-it-yourself project is your time. Let’s face it: not everyone has the luxury of time, and hiring a plumber will definitely give you the time you need for other tasks in your life. We do suggest you err on the side of caution as not all sources of information are created equal, and many may not be at all credible. So, if you have a gut feeling to not take on a certain plumbing project, then be sure to call an expert who’s more than happy to help you 

It’s also worth noting that sometimes taking on a plumbing project on your own may result in a mistake which could lead to a more costly plumbing bill in the future, so proceed with caution when it comes to plumbing DIY fixes. 


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