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Plumbing Items to Have Before You Need Them

While many of us here in Winnipeg are comfortable with home DIYs, the fact remains that a lot of us prefer to go straight to the pros when it comes to home repair. And while we at We Love Plumbing think using professionals is absolutely the move for the majority of your emergent and preventative plumbing needs, we also know that sometimes there is absolutely no time to wait when it comes to plumbing – and sometimes problems can so easily be resolved on your own that you really don’t need to spend on a plumber. Here’s our list of the top 5 plumbing items you should have at home before you need them – just in case.


A flanged plunger has a cup at the end with a rubber flap that folds out from inside. This is how you’ll create a seal in the tight and curved space in the toilet bowl.

A cup plunger is the basic plunger that most people are familiar with, and are used for drains outside of the toilet.

A green plunger with a black handle against a white backdrop

You should have both on hand. Clogs are usually easy to solve with the help of a plunger, and the risk of overflow is an immediate concern that you can easily avoid with the help of a reliable plunger.


Basic screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are essential for many home projects, not just plumbing! Have a variety on hand to be sure you’re prepared for easy plumbing fixes.

We recommend having a couple of sizing options from both Phillips Head and Flat Head screwdrivers.


Toilet Auger

Deeper blockages that can’t be solved with a plunger will call for a toilet auger, which is a coiled up metal cable with a crank. The crank pushes the cable forward to navigate the toilet until it meets and clears the blockage.


Crescent Wrench

While we think it’s best to have a variety of wrenches, if you have to choose just one to have on hand, it has to be the crescent wrench.

Crescent wrenches are frequently used for residential plumbing needs – and just like other basic tools, they’re useful for far more than just plumbing!


A Bucket… and a Mop!

This is self explanatory – ideally you already have both, but if you’re a Swiffer lifer, don’t overlook the value of a bucket and a mop for emergencies where there may be more water than your Wet Jet can reasonably be expected to handle. We absolutely suggest that you have at least one bucket that will fit underneath your sink just in case you spring a leak there.


And there you have it – a short and sweet list of the most important emergency plumbing tools you should have on hand. We’d love to throw out an honourable mention to plumber’s tape, but in the case of a true emergency, you should be okay with the above items. And if the problem is one you can’t solve on your own, give us a call at 204-654-6106!