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The Best Toilet for Your Budget

There are many reasons you may be in the market to buy a new toilet, whether it be for a new home build, a bathroom renovation, your old toilet simply needs to go, or for any reason in between. Whatever the reason, we’ve curated a list of toilets that stand out and will give that “Wow!” factor to anyone that enters your bathroom.

Types of Toilets 

You may not realize it until you start shopping for toilets, but there are many kinds of toilets out there. All with different functions, different designs, and even colours. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you narrow down your toilet search and commit to the toilet of your dreams.


Size: If you’re replacing an old toilet, it’s important to take its measurements as you’ll likely need to replace it with another toilet of the same or a very similar size. This is because you would want your new toilet to touch the wall while also being connected to the floor drain. The standard distance is 12 inches, but you may have a toilet where the distance from the wall to the floor drain is 10 inches or 14 inches (this is usually found in older homes). 


Bowl Shape: There are two popular bowl shapes you’ll find in the market: oval and round. The oval toilet seat is an elongated seat that is marketed to be more of a comfortable sitting experience. Nevertheless, the round bowl shape is still a great competitor, mostly used in smaller bathrooms due to the style taking up less space (round toilets are a few inches shorter than their oval counterparts)

Style: Do you want your toilet to be a one-piece toilet mounted to the wall, or do you prefer the standard two-piece toilet with the seat being bolted to the bottom of the toilet? Depending on the style you prefer, keep in mind that the toilet mounted to the wall requires professional help – it’s a complex install.


Water-Saving:  Many cities also have a toilet rebate program for those who have water-conserving toilets. If you wish to keep your utility bills lower, investing in a water-saving toilet is the route for you. 


Dual-Flush: These kinds of toilet are environmentally friendly as they conserve water. Dual flushes have two buttons, one for a partial flush and the other is a full flush.  

Wow Factor Toilets: 

Smart Toilet: These toilets come with heated seats, a bidet function, and a drying function. If you thought that wasn’t enough, they also have built-in LED lighting for those late-night trips to the loo. Here is a great smart toilet we found. 


Black Toilet: Having a black toilet will give your bathroom a “Wow!” factor as they’re uncommon and, frankly, quite sleek in appearance. Keep in mind, maintaining a clean black toilet is hard, and this specific toilet’s seat is sold separately. 


Noiseless Toilet: This isn’t something toilet buyers normally even consider, but there are noiseless toilets available on the market. Having a noiseless toilet is a very luxurious experience, especially if you have a toilet connected to a bedroom or nursery. The faint flush noise won’t wake your family up when you need to go at night. Noiseless toilets have other great features too including quick tank refill and best-in-class bowl cleanliness.


Installing a new toilet is always difficult, so whenever you get your toilet shipped to you, should be around the time you book a plumbing expert from We Love Plumbing to come give you a hand. We will be able to fix any plumbing complications and ensure your toilet is ready to go. Call us today to book an appointment at 204-654-6106 and if you’re ever in a plumbing emergency, we are here for your 24/7.